Blogger Series #4 – Sandile Nene

‘Durban boy who is obsessed with the internet. One day, I will marry the WiFi’.

With a Twitter bio like that, one can only begin to imagine what an interesting character Sandile Nene, better known as Sandy, is. At 23 years old, he is already one of Durban’s most recognised bloggers. He is the founder of South Africa’s first and largest community for bloggers, incorporating more than 10 writes from across the country (

His inherent pride for his city – he proudly says he was born and raised in KZN heritage site, Inanda, shines through in everything he does. “I am a blogger, content creator and freelance writer dabbling in photography and public relations,” he tells us.

After he graduated from high school, like many teens, Sandy was still not sure what he wanted to do with his life. “The idea of starting a blog came to me. From there, I taught myself the basics of blogging and did a lot of research about the industry.” Now quite established, Sandy’s blog serves as a platform to showcase South African brands, talent and the beauty of Durban. “I blog about fashion, entertainment and lifestyle and I interview famous and upcoming designers, models and celebs. The people who follow my blog are individuals who love life, the entertainment and fashion industry and those who want to keep up with the latest trends and events.”

Sandy takes pride in a clean, professional-looking site that’s easy to navigate. He makes sure his readers are inspired, rather than offended, by every post. “I collaborate with brands and create unique content for my audience that will make the brand look cool and trendy. My blog has influenced a number of people; I find that people will first read about a certain trend or fashion brand for the first time on my blog.”


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