Blogger Series #2 –

Jarryd has always loved to write, thanks to his father instilling a great love for English when he was little. Now, at 33 years old, he is a financial adviser by day and wannabe YouTube sensation by night, and the face behind the suave Mister Smith. “Obviously, over the years as digital content and media has evolved, keeping a journal naturally progressed to an online portal, which I suppose you could call ‘blogging’. Officially, however, I started a serious blog in July 2013.”

He is inspired by the great men he is surrounded by, aiming to emulate their approach to life in the content on his blog. “Mister Smith hopefully inspires men to seek more adventure, dress a little sharper, and be a bold man that your grandfather would’ve gladly gone to war with. So, I guess you could say we cater to a wide range of men – from school leavers to guys who are becoming grandfathers for the first time.”

Jarryd writes from his heart and is ‘deadly passionate’ about his blog, which he believes is an incredible networking tool. “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t aware of the monetisation opportunities in both my day job and potential advertising. However, I didn’t start my blog to conduct business or make money – I started it so I could share stories and maybe change a life or three.”

For Jarryd, seeing people share his posts on social media is encouraging. “Most of all, though, I love when mates come to me and ask to be a part of my next bike adventure or outdoor experience because the previous one looked too epic to miss. That gets me pumped!”

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