Blogger Series #1 – Nadia van der Mescht

Meet the first of our five-part series on Durban bloggers: creative consultant Nadia van der Mescht.

Nadia’s blog, with its signature polka dot print, is a happy digital space for readers. Nadia, describes herself as a creative being who loves beautiful wrapping and packaging… and mentions she is a ‘tea-drinking, biscuit-eating, Downtown Abbey watcher’ who specialises in creative business development and brand building.

She has been blogging for nearly 10 years; she started when she was working in London, at luxury fashion house, Burberry. “I used the platform as a way to share my fashion adventures while living overseas. It was a wonderful way to express myself creatively. In 2009, I directed my blog towards showcasing and marketing my business and lifestyle.”

Nadia’s blog is ideally suited to creatives who want to be inspired to run a better business, or to gain insight into how she works. She regularly collaborates with local brands, like Skinny laMinx, to create inspired crafty projects. She got into blogging before it really took off and by the time it did she was considered a pro by international standards. “My blog has enjoyed features online both locally and internationally, and the stats showcase its success behind the scenes. It’s taken seriously due to the quality of content I strive to create.”

The blog is one of the key marketing tools within Nadia’s business, as it allows her to communicate her brand vision. It has also given her, a fair share of ‘pinch me’ moments. The most memorable of which was being invited to an Orla Kiely London Fashion Week presentation, and getting to meet Orla herself. Finally, Nadia’s blog is a happy space, where her readers can escape to. “If I can inspire just one person to build the business of their dreams, then I am overjoyed. With influence comes responsibility and I take that seriously.”

Visit Nadia’s blog here.

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