Edition Three – Reflecting

It’s great to get another edition of The City magazine off to print. It’s tough launching a new magazine, especially when there hasn’t been anything like it before and particularly having to do so in a tough economic climate. That
said, we’re brave and always up for a challenge at FabMags, so when we put the wraps on this edition, we were really chuffed.

To some degree the third edition marks an unwritten milestone, showing that the magazine has the legs to get past the initial interest of the first two editions — the novelty factor, if we have to call it something. This third edition really does showcase life in and around Durban. We talk to MasterChef winner (and local girl), Roxi Wardman, we touch on the growing software development industry in Durban along with its vast potential and current challenges, and we introduce the gorgeous winner of #projectscouted, Sansha Lambert.

Taking the photos for our Florida Road piece — also in this edition — made us realise just how diverse our city is and how much amazing architecture and culture exists right under our noses. It’s a great piece as well. Profiling some of our top chefs was also a great experience. When I linked up with the team at the Unilever kitchen in Umhlanga for the photoshoot, we were joined by two students from a school doing their work experience and a third-year
year journo student from Rhodes.

The chefs are some of Durban’s finest, but it was also amazing to see how progressive the upcoming talent in our city is, on fire to make things happen and passionate about the media industry — definitely one of my favourite experiences in putting this edition together.

So, here it is, and we’re excited that you have it in your hands and that you’re reading it. Please enjoy this edition, on us, and then pass it along to a friend or someone in the family, or even leave it lying around somewhere for someone else to grab and read — we’d be stoked to get as many people to read it as we can.

Till we meet again
God Bless!

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