WHOOSH! Screen Shine/AAXA P3X Pico Projector

WHOOSH! Screen Shine is the next generation screen cleaner that not only cleans screens but makes them shine like new and provides a resistance to fingerprints. In fact, WHOOSH! Screen Shine is the only screen and device cleaner that is guaranteed safe for all screens, is 100% non-toxic and fingerprint resistant. There is nothing in the formula that will damage, etch or chemically harm any screen, screen film or OEM coating. What other screen cleaner can you safely spray into your mouth? We touch our phones and electronic devices all day long without giving a second thought to how dirty they get.
Tech hygiene – which refers to the steps we take to keep our devices and their screens clean – is more important than ever. WHOOSH! Also comes with an ultra-soft Microfiber cloth which will leave your devices hygienic, “’cuz dirty phones are really gross”.

WHOOSH! Screen Shine comes in 8ml (R99), 30ml (R179) and 100ml (R299) bottles, and is available from Incredible Connection and iStores around the country.



The AAXA P3X is a powerful pint-sized projector capable of delivering a big performance in a tiny form-factor.
This pocket- sized pico projector offers 70 Lumens of LED brightness and is able to produce an 80” image in dark
environments. Complete with a two-hour onboard lithium-ion battery and 15 000 hours of lamp life, it is truly a powerful mobile projection device. The AAXA P3X lets users spontaneously share photos, videos, or other digital media with friends and colleagues. With its ARM based MP4 Media Player and built in speakers the P3X is capable of playing 720P media files, digital pictures, and MP3 music directly without the need to connect another device. Storage capabilities include a Micro SD Card slot and USB port, meaning your digital message can be loaded directly onto the P3X projector. Connectivity options include a HDMI port which enables connectivity to most
mobile devices including smartphones, notebooks, cameras, and other mobile accessories. Additional connectivity
options include an AV port, 3.5mm audio output, USB port, and Micro SD Card slot. In other words the P3X Pico Projector is a standalone projection powerhouse that is capable of being connected to your smart device.

The AAXA P3X Pico Projector retails for R5499 and is available at all iStores.

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